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Being on the one hand the head of several companies and on the other hand divorced with full custody of my children (17 and 15 years old) I could not be at the mill anymore...... especially since supervising the activities of teenagers is not very simple!

Through your software, I have the possibility at any time to have information on the activities of my daughter, as for my son I am waiting for an update of your software to be able to install it on his Iphone.

Thank you also for the quality of your customer support which has been very helpful to me.

Hervé de Paris

Works perfectly. Bought the Silver version a week ago and I am not disappointed at all. Sms, tracking works perfectly without any display on the target phone (tested in hand with both phones)


I am still satisfied, this is my second time using your software. Thank you for your professionalism and for your complete and quality software. I will not fail to speak about it around me...

a satisfied father

A big thank you to the developers and customer support for all their work, this Black version software is just great, the installation and settings are very easy and fast, I am not a great computer connoisseur and it took me 12 minutes.
The features are extraordinary and you can send commands by sms: very practical. And the icing on the cake is that now you can do the updates online, no need to have the target in hand to do them.
Congratulations again to the entire GGC team.


software more and more extraordinary!
This is my fourth consecutive year and I have never been disappointed.
A big congratulations to the manufacturers and to the competent and fast staff when sending questions.
the only small bemol that I could find: now that we can see the web history, it was necessary that the telephones have the private navigation... not lucky...
a big bravo and thank you for what you do!



A little doubt yesterday before ordering because after having tested a few applications of this kind including c***9, but nothing to see the Global software works and all the functions announced are operational.

Thank you


impeccable, quite easy to use
To be recommended

just me