Need to monitor your children and employees?

If you are concerned about possible inappropriate use of the phone/tablet by your child or employee, Global GSM Control is your solution.

SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and other forms of instant messaging have become the most popular way to communicate. What are the topics of their discussions? Cigarettes, drugs or sexting? Are they where they are supposed to be? Are your employees exposing confidential and sensitive company information? You have the right to know.

Use Global GSM Control to keep an eye on your children, even when you are at work

As a parent, you may be concerned about your children due to their excessive use of phones and tablets, but you can't be there to monitor and guide them all day. However, thanks to the technology of Global GSM Control you will be able to follow all your children's activities from a distance. Global GSM Control allows you to find out if your teens are dating poorly at school, accessing inappropriate websites, being bullied via text messages and phone calls. Global GSM Control can put an end to your anxiety!

Don't waste time, protect your children from cyberbullying, online predators and sexting.

Use Global GSM Control to protect your business

If you're a business owner or manager, aren't you worried about one of your employees sharing your customer lists with your competitors? Note that phones and tablets increase the risk of confidential data leakage and weak controls on your companies phones and tablets can hurt your business.

Global GSM Control can help you manage your fleet of cell phones and tablets. It will allow you to monitor and track all mobile devices in your company. Never let problem employees harm your business. Do not hesitate to monitor the phones belonging to your company to make sure they are being used properly. It is obviously necessary to use the software in compliance with the laws of your country, see our page of LEGAL DISCLAIMER

Use Global GSM Control to save your own activities on your phone, tablet and computer

The increased use of your phone/tablet and computer will force you to delete old messages and it is very difficult if not impossible to recover deleted information, however, Global GSM Control allows it. It is very convenient to record your important calls and communications. Just install our application on your phone or PC, you can view and save all your call logs, SMS, Emails, Contacts, Your notes and Appointments, your photos and videos, your conversations Whatsapp, facebook, viber, Skype, iMessage, Hangout ... as well as your travels, all this information will be viewable online and downloadable wherever you are in the world With Global GSM Control no more worrying about losing them all by accident.