Frequently Asked Questions

The Global GSM Control application was designed to help parents protect their children and employers ensure the productivity of their employees. Its use is completely legal.

Before purchasing our software, you must ensure that its use will be legal and that it meets the following legal requirements:

  • Use the software as a parental control solution to monitor your underage children.
  • Use of company-owned devices as a monitoring solution with prior notification to employees that their devices are under surveillance
  • Use on your own device
Know that it is totally forbidden to use our software without the knowledge of the person who will be monitored, our software is made for :
  • parents who can use it as a parental control solution to monitor your underage children
  • Employers who can use it as a monitoring solution for company-owned devices by having previously informed employees that their devices are being monitored and having their written consent
  • Personal use on own equipment for backup data, security and location in case of loss
We do not tolerate any illegal use of our software. Please make sure you respect your commitments.
It is your responsibility to determine whether you have the required authorization to monitor the device. It is also your responsibility to determine what representations, notifications or agreements may be required in your jurisdiction, with respect to the specific situations and circumstances in which you wish to use the software. If you have any questions about the legality of your intended use of the software, please seek the assistance of legal counsel of your choice. Global GSM Control is not authorized to provide legal advice. For more information please visit our " LEGAL DISCLAIMER " 

After purchasing our Global GSM Control spy software, you will receive an e-mail within 2 hours of your purchase and within the opening hours of our support service (8am - 10pm GMT) containing:

  • The installation and configuration manual in english (few simple installation steps with screenshots). This user guide include the download link, and the steps for installation and configuration of your software
  • The activation key of your spyware. This unique key will be used to activate the software during installation
  • The identifiers (username and password) to access your secure GGC web account (your private space allowing you to consult and visualize all the data collected and sent by the software, as well as to control and parameterize the software remotely)

Installing Global GSM Control on a cell phone or tablet is exactly like downloading and installing any other application, something you have probably done thousands of times. The installation takes no more than 5min. We provide a very detailed and illustrated installation guide with step-by-step images, and our technical support can help you with any problems during the installation

The purchase of our software will appear on your account statement as "PayPro + Order Reference". is our secure payment processing partner. This world-renowned company handles thousands of Internet banking transactions for many companies every day. Your transaction will be processed securely.

Yes. After your purchase you will receive a top of the line software with step by step instructions in French, free updates, free technical support during the whole validity period of your license. In the rare case of a problem, our support team will give you clear instructions to solve your problem.

No, it is not possible to install software remotely on a cell phone or tablet.
Some unscrupulous websites promise it via Bluetooth, SMS, or MMS...
Be careful, it is necessarily a scam. Therefore, your money will never be refunded
the only way to install software on a cell phone or tablet is by downloading it directly onto the phone or tablet, so it is absolutely necessary to have the target phone or tablet in your hands to perform this manipulation.

Global GSM Control works anywhere in the world, without limitation. However, you should make sure that the target phone has a permanent or punctual Internet connection to allow downloading and proper functioning of the software.

Once you have decided to purchase the version of your choice, go to the purchase page. Follow the screens and enter the required information for the online purchase. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, MoneyBookers and Paypal as well as bank transfers. Upon receipt of your payment, the elements of your order will be sent to you by email within 2 hours during business hours (8am - 11pm 7 days a week) (email containing the download link of our software, the activation key and the installation, configuration and use instructions in French).

All payments are secured by PAYPRO Globala leading company guaranteeing you a safe and secure SSL payment.
The payment platform PAYPRO Global guarantees the secrecy of the banking information that you will communicate to them.

The payment operations carried out by credit card, via Paypal are not carried out on our Site, but on the site of our secure payment provider PAYPRO GlobalYour credit card number is neither known nor processed by Global GSM Control but only by the company PAYPRO Global which is certified PCIDSS (the safest security standard in the payment world) you need not worry about this, your private data is 100 % protected because PAYPRO Global that complies with the latest online security standards.

Customer databases are kept confidential and private. We have never sold our databases, and we will not in the future, sell them to spammers or to third parties who wish to use our databases for advertising or to offer their products or services. Our products do not collect any information from your cell phone other than the information necessary to operate our products, and you are the only one who can access the information on the target phone with your login and password.

Our server keeps your files secure. No one can access your data. You are the only one able to access the information on the target phone/tablet with your login and password. The access to the data is secured by a login and a password that you can change whenever you want. At any time, you can permanently delete your data by logging into your account. Before that, you have the possibility to save them on your hard disk in formats compatible with the main software on the market.
Once your information is deleted, there is no record of it, so use this feature with care! We will never share your information with third parties unless we are required to do so by law or unless we are required to do so by a government authority.

Our software has a validity period of 1 3 or 12 months, as the end of validity approaches you will receive an email reminding you to renew your license, if you wish to continue to use our services you must renew your license by paying the same amount, to do this simply follow the instructions in the email. You will not have any manipulation to do on the target phone.

As soon as the payment is confirmed (you will receive a confirmation email from our payment partner), you will receive your purchase email (Check Inbox and Junk Mail folders).

The purchase e-mail contains the link to your personal GGC web account (data storage), your login and the step by step installation manual.

Check out all our Global GSM Control user guide

Global GSM Control is compatible with smartphones and tablets with operating system :

  • Android OS (More details here)
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad jailbreak) (More details here)

We also have a version for Windows and MAC called Global Computer Control compatible with computers under Windows and Mac OS

If you have any doubts about the compatibility of your device please contact us.

During the installation the software will ask you to choose between two options: Keep the software visible on the dashboard of the monitored device or make it disappear. You are free to choose the mode you want to use.

Our software works by tracking all activities that take place on the monitored mobile devices in the background.

By installing Global GSM Control, you confirm your intention to use this software in a legal way, i.e. to install the software on your minor child's device or your own device or on a device whose owner agrees to be monitored.

You can install the software with any sim card and then put the card that will be monitored, in fact the software allows you to control the phone independently of the SIM card, and therefore allows you to track all sim cards installed in the phone

When you purchase a license, you can only monitor one device. However, you can change the target device as many times as you want during the validity of your license for free. If you want to monitor two devices at the same time, you need to purchase two licenses. Note that a computer license (PC, MAC) can only be used on computers and a phone and tablet license can only be used on a compatible cell phone or tablet.

Please be aware that Global GSM Control is marketing a fully legal software and all our customers are obliged to comply with the legal provisions when using it. This means that the user is allowed to install the software on his own device, on the device of his minor child or on a device whose owner explicitly agrees to be monitored. If you notice any illegal use of the software sold by Global GSM Control, please inform us immediately by clicking on the contact us icon at the bottom of this page!

If you think that GGC is illegally installed on your device, you can contact us to have the right uninstallation procedure for your device.

If you think that a monitoring software (software sold by GGC or any other monitoring software) is illegally installed on your device, you should know that resetting your device to its factory state (reset to zero) will eliminate any possible monitoring software. This operation will delete all data stored on this device as well, so it is necessary to make a backup of your device before resetting it.

We do not offer any monitoring services using the phone number or IMEI number. It is necessary to have access to the device you wish to monitor and to install the software beforehand (with the right to monitor it).

To contact us and ask your questions please click on the chat button at the bottom right of the screen.


Global GSM Control monitoring software is designed only for parents who wish to monitor their minor children or for employers who wish to supervise the use of their company's phones and tablets by employees, provided that they are informed and have obtained their written consent. is not responsible for any illegal use of this software. is not authorized to provide legal advice concerning the use of its software.
You are advised to consult local legal advisor prior to installing and using Global GSM Control. For more information, please visit our "LEGAL DISCLAIMER"

The terms "spy", "spyphone", "phone tracker" are used for reference purposes only, and are not representative of the examples of use of the software offered. The purpose of our software is to ensure the safety of your children and to promote the productivity of your employees.