Remote email monitoring



Global GSM Control's Email tracking feature allows you to spy on incoming and outgoing emails without detection. It is available on Android and iPhone mobile devices, allowing you to:

  • Read emails in their original HTML format, including all images and text.
  • Spy on emails in chronological order as on the mailbox
  • View all sender and receiver contact information


Spy on email ? How does it work?

Global GSM Control monitoring software is your solution to track all email boxes and their contents. Our email monitoring technology allows you to search through emails sent or received from the target's phone.

For Android devices, Global GSM Control's email spy application allows you to capture the native email accounts of the target device. It even allows you to keep a complete track of every detail.

In addition, it is simple for you to view all the data collected from your Global GSM Control account online. You can even download the emails to your own device for later access.

On your online portal you can use the search function which allows you to find e-mails containing specific keywords. You can also delete e-mails that you find unimportant or that you no longer need.


Why do you need our email spy application?

There are many reasons why parents, employers and even individuals need our email monitoring application. Let's take a closer look at how email monitoring can benefit you.

  • Email monitoring for parents:

Email monitoring is an indispensable tool for parents to keep track of their children's activities. As parents, we are naturally concerned about the welfare of our children. Use our email spy application to make sure they don't communicate with people who are inappropriate or dangerous for their age or to prevent your child from being cyberbullied or becoming a delinquent themselves.

  • Email monitoring for employers

Employee email monitoring is an invaluable way to manage staff and prevent leaks of important and critical company information. Employers can view all emails sent and received from a corporate email account and access any information used by employees.

Our email spy application is also very useful for detecting inappropriate emails to prevent - or prove - sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • E-mail monitoring for personal use

Use Global GSM Control's spy application to backup or archive your conversations. Maybe you need access to old business or personal account information or want to protect your information in case of a power outage or hacking? This monitoring feature is also useful for anyone who forgets their password or is locked out of their account. Our search function makes it easy to find keywords - such as a forgotten password - quickly and efficiently.


Last words on email monitoring

If you're one of the few companies that doesn't use employee email monitoring, then you should seriously consider it. Your business could be exposed to legal threats without you even knowing it. By using our email spy application, you protect your company from such risks.


Email monitoring also helps parents keep their children safe. Being able to monitor their conversations is a way to ensure that children are not talking to predators and sharing personal information with strangers.


It is also useful for people who want to give themselves an extra layer of security and save their important emails. With so much important information contained in our email accounts, an email spy application gives the user the ability to back up their information so they don't lose it.


With more than 100 functions Global GSM Control is the email spy application that gives you the opportunity to protect what is important to you.


Global GSM Control monitoring software is designed only for parents who wish to monitor their minor children or for employers who wish to supervise the use of their company's phones and tablets by employees, provided that they are informed and have obtained their written consent. is not responsible for any illegal use of this software. is not authorized to provide legal advice concerning the use of its software.
You are advised to consult local legal advisor prior to installing and using Global GSM Control. For more information, please visit our "LEGAL DISCLAIMER"

The terms "spy", "spyphone", "phone tracker" are used for reference purposes only, and are not representative of the examples of use of the software offered. The purpose of our software is to ensure the safety of your children and to promote the productivity of your employees.