Our Keylogger for Android and iPhone offers very advanced features

Global GSM Control is a spy software with a keylogger function for Android and iPhone that allows you to monitor all keystrokes entered on the keyboard of the mobile device or computer. With our keylogger functionality Android or iPhone you can :

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What is a keylogger for Android and iPhone?

Know what is typed on a phone

Global GSM Control offers a keylogger. This unique feature records messages, search terms, deleted text and more from all applications used on your child's cell phone.

When a letter, word or character is typed into applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Chrome, our keylogger captures the keystroke sequences and adds them to a secure file that it sends to your online portal. You can then view the recorded information by simply logging into your portal and selecting the application you are interested in.

Our Keylogger software is the perfect tool for parents who know the importance of protecting their children from the dangers of the virtual world!

The mobile keylogger

How does our mobile keylogger work?

Why does Global GSM Control offer the best Keylogger software for cell phones?

  1. Our spy software with mobile keylogger records every keystroke - even those that are deleted or not sent.
  2. Our spyware can work as an invisible or visible keylogger depending on your choice
  3. Our keylogger software is easy to install. Just download and install the software in less than 5 minutes and use the keystroke recording function immediately.
  4. Our spy application contains a keylogger for Android, iPhone, PC and MAC. For more information about compatibility, read here .
  5. GGC's Mobile Keylogger protects your children from cyberbullies and online predators.
  6. Easy to view data. Key logs are sent to your online portal for easy access and viewing.
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The keylogger function of the Global GSM Control monitoring software is designed only for parents who wish to monitor and supervise the use of their minor children's phones, tablets and computers.

global-gsm-control.com is not responsible for any illegal use of this software. global-gsm-control.com is not authorized to provide legal advice concerning the use of its software.
You are advised to consult local legal advisor prior to installing and using Global GSM Control. For more information, please visit our "LEGAL DISCLAIMER"

The purpose of the keylogger or keylogger functionality of our software is to ensure the safety of your children.

The terms "keylogger phone", "spy", "spyware", "spyware" are used only for reference purposes, and are not representative of the examples of use of the software offered. The purpose of our software is to ensure the safety of your children and promote the productivity of your employees.